1. Get in touch with ATSi Apply Team and let us know what type of integration you’re planning to implement.
  2. Get familiar with our Open API specification.
  3. Implement and test Job Details Service responsible for returning a job offer status, screening questions and consents.
  4. Implement and test Apply Service responsible for handling new applications.
  5. Implement application status update with one of the methods below:
    1. webhooks
    2. files
  6. Alternatively, add Application Tracking Pixel on the application confirmation page.
  7. Get in touch with ATSi Apply Team to have test job offers set up in the sandbox environment.
  8. Perform end-to-end tests on the sandbox environment using test job offers.
    • Make sure forms on the job board contain all screening questions and consents returned by the Job Details Service.
    • Make sure applications submitted via ATSi can be visible in your ATS and contain all of the required data.
    • Make sure an application status change triggers sending a status update to ATSi.
    • Make sure an Application Tracking Pixel works when an application needs to be completed on the ATS.
  9. Let know ATSi Team that the integration has been tested on the sandbox environment and you want to progress to the live environment.
  10. Deploy the integration to your live environment.
  11. Perform end-to-end tests on live jobs with ATSi Team.