ATSi Apply is a free to use technology only offered by members of The StepStone Group – it is proven to offer huge benefits to ATS systems likes yours.

ATSi Apply works by automatically transferring a candidate’s information and CV to an ATS as soon as they click apply on our sites, this removes the need for a candidate to re-enter their information and leads to a much higher application completion rate.

If your system receives all necessary information from ATSi Apply the jobseeker does not need to be redirected to your ATS. If additional information is required to complete an application, the ATS will return a URL to an off-line version of the jobs Apply page, pre-populated with the CV and jobseeker details.

Important elements in this guide are are highlighted in blue.


Solution Architecture – Background:

Over half of all job searches are now conducted on a mobile device, but a poor user experience can still make applying difficult.

Feedback shows that one of the biggest issues for jobseekers is when they are sent from the job board, where they have already provided information to apply, to an ATS and they are expected to provide the same information again.

Naturally, this is frustrating and often results in jobseekers abandoning the application process, meaning a poor conversion rate for customers who use an ATS service.

With the number of job searches from mobile devices always increasing, so does the need for jobseekers to be able to easily apply from their mobile device. This is currently not straightforward as most jobseekers do not have CVs stored in the cloud.

Passing the application information captured by the job board to the ATS enables the ATS to pre-populate the apply page with the jobseeker’s profile data and CV. This will result in increased application conversion rates for customers as jobseekers are more compelled to continue with their application if their CV is already uploaded, the ATS apply form has been prefilled and they just need to fill in the gaps.